The lady behind Virtuous Motherhood creation


✅ In February 2017,  The Virtuous Motherhood website was launched under the direct supervision, design and main inspiration by my daughter Maryanna Gusenkov.

🙌🏻 She designed the website and suggested to open up this IG profile. She skillfully developed the VM website, created graphics out of her own photography and recorded the very first video episode. 🎬 Creatively editing later video episodes, Maryanna diligently worked on extending the library of resources, consisting of videos, photos and other content.

📷 It was with her help, direction and inspiration, that I was able to launch the website a little over a year ago. 🔆 Maryanna had a vision, which undoubtedly was inspired by God, to use most current social media platforms in order to help mothers learn together how to be virtuous godly women.

Today is Maryanna’s Birthday!

🎉🎊 WOULD YOU BE SO KIND TO PRAY FOR MARYANNA today 🙏🏻. May God bless her and keep her. May He continue to work in her and through her. Moreover, may all of our daughters grow up to be gentle, faithful, sacrificial, humble, loving and all the way around - beautiful!

Thank you! 🌷