Summer activities for children


  1. Video projects (possible themes: favorite activity; family trips; swimming; gardening; outdoor fun)
    1. Video record
    2. Upload to the computer
    3. Make a movie
    4. Choose a day and time to show everyone
    5. Have fun with it
  2. Photo projects 
    1. Choose a theme of your project (summer food; summer activity; plants and flowers; waves; family trip; Sunday; fun in the kitchen)
    2. Shoot some pictures
    3. Upload picture to a computer
    4. Create a slide show (add music, effects)
    5. Choose a day and time to show everyone
  3. Bible Book club
    1. Let’s choose as a family a book of the Bible to read through this Summer.
    2. Start reading a section of the book each day. 
    3. Meet each Saturday morning during devotion time and share the most memorable part of the section you read.
    4. As we finish the book, make a skit based on the story from this book.
  4. Keep a journal.
    1. Every day make an entry in it.
    2. The person, who keeps the most entries will get a prize from papa and mama.
  5. Psalm writing Extravaganza
    1. Write one Psalm IN RUSSIAN into your journal EVERY DAY.
    2. Do not use pencil. Pen or marker only.
    3. Mama will get each one of you a journal for this, don’t worry.

      6. Drama club

    1. Make up a skit (one per child)
    2. It must involve all member of the family
    3. Assign characters and give out script
    4. Arrange rehearsals
    5. Plan date and time for the show!
  1. Cook a meal for the whole family (one child per each day of the week)
    1. Choose a recipe for the family meal
    2. Make a list of ingredients
    3. Have mama or papa shop with this list
    4. Make the meal.
    5. Mama will assist as needed.