I Long For

Allow me to introduce to you my guest writer today, my youngest daughter Alena. She is a young, passionate, God-loving soul, who started to write at a very young age. I was touched in a very special way by her latest piece of writing. 

And I say, “Oh, that I had wings like a dove!
I would fly away and be at rest; yes, I would wander far away; I would lodge in the wilderness;
I would hurry to find a shelter from the raging wind and tempest.
— Psalm 55:6-8

I long to see the sunshine, a clear sky in its wake.

I long to hear the raindrops fall on a long, still, silver lake.


I long to walk on powdered snow, fresh fallen from the night.

I long to see the ocean; the breeze, oh what delight!


I long to take a peaceful nap in the softest, greenest grass.

Against a bright blue backdrop, the clouds are moving fast.


I long to swim in water, the clearest blue you’ve seen;

It’s cool; it’s so refreshing, as if I’m in a dream.


I long to be a little girl again, my main concern is me.

I long to dance by firelight, I’m smiling, I’m carefree!


I long to hear Adagio echoing off high beamed walls,

Holding in my breath as the crescendo slowly falls.


I long to breathe in roses, a fresh bouquet held in my arms.

A walk in a blooming garden, I smile at its charms.


I long to be a dove, to fly away and be at peace,

To a land where all my problems are suddenly released.


I long to run through meadows: bare feet and a summer dress.

I’m laughing, smiling, my joy I can’t suppress.


I long to go exploring: climb mountains, surf the waves.

I long to be a hero, all the lives that I would save!


I long to just sit still and watch a glorious sunrise,

The picture in my mind I long to memorize.


I long for freedom never-ending.

I long for joy unrelenting.


I long for moments like these:

When my pen writes with ease.


I long for a grateful heart, a heart made of clay

A heart that won’t shatter under pressure I pray.  


I long for a life that’s overflowing with love.

I long for a peace that comes from above.


I long to be beautiful, inside and out.

Fill up with joy and then pour it out.


I long for a voice that’ll bring glory to you

I long for strength in everything I’m going through.


I long for the day my faith will increase.

He’ll say, “Long no more child. YOU are my masterpiece!”


- A. G.